The Protocol

The users can select the trading pairs that they feel are the most profitable.
• Back-test Strategy Based on Historical Data
At this stage, users have the option to back test their strategy on historical data, which will be provided by our platform enabled by machine learning.
• Optimize Your Trading Strategy
Once the users have had a chance to look at the historical data, they can easily optimize their trading strategy to squeeze the most out of it in the current market conditions. At this stage, users can easily calculate the risk-reward ratio per the data analyzed.
• Dry Run-on Live Market
Once the trading strategy is completely optimized, then it can easily be dry run on the market. This is where real-time sentiment analysis (on the trading pairs identified by the users previously) and algo based machine learning enabled predictive analysis will be done. Based on that data, users will be suggested the top trading pairs at that given instant in the market.
• Use/Sell/Lease your Trading Strategy
Once the users have tested their trading strategy on the live market, they have two options. They can either decide to create an NFT of that strategy and lease/sell it on our easy-to-use NFT marketplace. Alternatively, they can retain that strategy to themselves and keep utilizing it for further trades. The best part about this stage is that users have absolute control over how they would like to execute their trading strategy.
The above steps can be repeated numerous times until the desired result is achieved.
Now that we have outlined these steps, let us go through each of them in detail.