The underlying problem mentioned above is quite significant and needs an explicit solution.
Both fundamental and technical analysis is as important in crypto as it is in the case of traditional financial institutions. These indicators help form the base of almost all investment strategies and are thus tools that both institutional and retail traders use almost daily. The crypto market, however, is quite different. While having strong fundamentals like functional utility for any DeFi protocol and network is a crucial consideration for investors, oftentimes the market is full of those who are looking to make quick profits and that why understanding their “mood” towards the market is key to predict the very next movement.
Hence, the answer does not lie in a simple Automated trading platform where bots simply perform activities on behalf of Humans. What the traders need is a remarkable and innovative Algo trading platform which will be incorporated with the abilities of Artificial intelligence and machine learning so that they can have the most actionable insights on the prevailing market sentiments tracked in real time!
With trading volumes shooting through the roof in a matter of a few seconds and affecting prices, there's more to crypto markets than fundamental and technical analysis and that is why we have targeted the heart of this issue by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning abilities in the bot.
We believe the high- flying emotions within the market tend to dominate most technical indicators. Panther Quant uses a holistic approach that tracks real-time technical indicators along with data-driven technical analysis based on advanced AI enabled principles. It also does sentiment and emotion analysis of the market with the aid of machine learning to provide traders with high- quality data. This data can be further utilized by the traders to form the basis of their trading strategies on Panther Quant.
Read further below to explore how Panther Quant will not only simplify trading for you but will open the doors to a disruptive combination of technology and sentiments and will deliver to the traders one of the most transformative and cathartic experience in the crypto space.