How to trade on CEX with Panther Quant?

Step 1: Select your trading pairs
You are required to choose the trading pairs of your choice and then add them to the bot. This process is quite straightforward. You can even follow our leaderboard to see which trading pairs are the most popular at that given time.
Once finalized, these trading pairs are straight sent to the Panther trading bot. You are required to add your wallet to the bot for easy fund accessibility.
Step 2: Backtest on Historical data
Think you've broken the matrix of the crypto financial markets by identifying the "just perfect" indicators that complement your strategy? Perfect. Now you simply need to rigorously back-test your strategy to see how it performs in different market conditions. Here are some things that can help you streamline your trading strategies:
• How does the strategy respond to constant market fluctuations? Are your chosen indicator valid in all market?
• Do you have a complex and lengthy list of indicators that other users might find hard to understand?
Users can test their own strategy on our downloaded historical data and create a customized strategy for their market. This allows them the freedom to conduct stress-tests for their strategies in a diverse market environment, and hyper-customize their strategies.
Step 3-4: Optimize and Dry run on Live Market
Once you've had a chance to look at the historical data within the market, you will have enough information to find out the best possible combination out of all the parameters that you have selected. Since our bots are crawling the market in real-time, both historical and present data can be utilized to come up with the best possible way of implementing the trading strategy.
This is the spine of our system. In addition to the basket of indicators that they have chosen for themselves, the AI-based sentiment analysis will help them in streamlining their strategy to come up with the best possible outcomes.
Users can also identify and implement the best parameters using a few random combinations that utilize Bayesian search with a ML regressor algorithm. This helps in quick identification of parameters that can potentially guide users and maximize the profits off their investments.
Next, users have the option to run their strategy on the live market without using real money. This gives them the option to check if their strategy is executing as planned. This is where our platform shines amongst its competitors.
Step 5: Implementing Final Strategy
The users will be able to execute their final strategy in the Live Market.
After you've instructed the bot with the trading pairs, they scan various websites (already mentioned above) and look for the predetermined indicators and furnish the results of their findings in actionable insights. This is done on historical movements of the markets.
User can utilize this information to further carve out their trading strategy. Our bots also conduct heavy analysis on emojis and attempts to understand the underlying emotions using AI and by tracing patterns seen previously.
By giving our users the option to back-test their strategy on the live market, they have the option to check - numerous times - how successful their strategy is given the basket of indicators that they have chosen. At this stage, if they feel that their strategy needs more improvement, they can simply go back and refine it as per their needs.
Our trading bots will help the users and furnish them with real-time AI-based sentiment analysis of the trading pairs that they have chosen. This would be actionable insights that the users can utilize and update their strategy subject to the changing sentiment of the market.
The hyperopt function (that Panther bots have been equipped with) here will help identify the top parameters for back-testing.
You get the top trending tokens!
Out of the trading pairs that you'd selected, you would be recommended the top trading pairs for the selected timeframe, post which you can decide which ones you'd like to open positions on. This is especially useful when you are looking to diversify your portfolio. They can also be automated to open positions on your behalf if needed.
In addition to the amount that you use to open your positions on these trending tokens, you will be asked to pay a minimum transaction fee, which would be further divided as indicated in the Protocol Architecture.
Step 6: Create NFTs out of Trading strategies
Our NFTs are unique digital assets that represent a specific trading strategy used on our platform. Each NFT is a one-of-a-kind representation of a strategy that has been backtested and proven to be profitable in the crypto market created and curated by professional traders for inexperienced users and beginners! All the NFTs will be fractionalised and mutable, thus giving the traders the ultimate edge of keeping their strategies up-to-date as per the market conditions!
The creators of these NFTs will receive 0.05% of each transaction i.e. everytime a user leases out and uses the trading strategy of the NFT, the creator will receive 0.05% as 'Creatrader Reward'!