DEX & De-Fi

Protocol Architecture for Dex Arbitrage and DeFi (Harvest Finance)
DEX Arbitrage & Flashloan
Automated decentralized exchange (DEX) arbitrage trading with flash loan facilities is a cutting-edge strategy for maximizing profits in the crypto market. It involves using smart contracts and automated bots to simultaneously borrow and exchange assets on multiple DEXs in a matter of seconds, taking advantage of price discrepancies between platforms. The flash loan facility allows traders to access funds for these trades without having to collateralize their own assets, reducing the risk involved. By automating the process, traders can take advantage of arbitrage opportunities in real-time, leading to potentially higher profits.
Thus, Panther Quant finds out the best arbitrage opportunities for the users across the leading DEXs after carefully calculating the price differentiation & liquidity risk ratio. The platform also finds the best flash loan opportunities on DeFi lending platforms, if the user requires it.
Auto compound yield & yield swap (DeFi Harvest Finance)
Auto compound yield and auto yield swap in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space are innovative ways of generating passive income from crypto assets. Auto compound yield allows users to automatically reinvest their returns back into the same or similar investments, compounding their earnings over time. Auto yield swap, on the other hand, automatically switches investments to the highest yielding options, maximizing returns. Both of these strategies can be implemented through smart contracts on decentralized platforms, allowing for a more hands-off approach to investing and yielding.
Since Yield returns across DeFi change constantly, Panther Quant keeps a track on leading DeFi protocols 24/7 & auto-shifts funds to synthesize the highest APY possible.