AI/ML mechanism

A snippet of how trading with AI-based sentiment analysis on Panther Quant would work.
The AI-based sentiment analysis is what we take pride in! We have carefully designed the Panther bots to utilize the untapped potential of understanding how the market behaves emotionally. A more rational market with rational players will only cover so much ground within a year. But the crypto industry has surpassed the $2T market cap in 2021, from a humbling $300B+ in 2020. This can most certainly be attributed to the rapid adoption of crypto at a global scale. Other factors include the rapid emergence of various DeFi protocols that have served as entry points for various users in the world of traditional finance. But there is one thing that has remained common throughout. And that is the fire to move away from the world of traditional banking and seek alternative sources of storing wealth. Crypto, despite its much-criticized volatility has truly become the best friend for investors who are aiming to use that volatility to their favor.
And that is where Panther's algorithmic trading bots come in. Our revolutionary AI-based sentiment analysis makes the process of sentiment-based trading very simple. Our bots are programmed to scour through various social media platforms, crypto indices, and other relevant platforms where sentiments can be tracked (one of them being the Crypto Fear and Greed Index) and then use that information to make informed, calculated and most importantly, profitable trades. Here's what the process looks like: